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Male pattern baldness is frustrating. buy propeciaFor unknown reasons men start loosing hear which turns to be permanent. Neither hair follicle stimulants, nor hair care improvement do not affect the condition. Hair will not grow again. The condition is frightening frequent. Over 50% of men face hair loss problems regardless of lifestyle, age, overall health condition and hormonal balance in the body. Male pattern baldness is not a life threatening condition. It does not make your physical life worse, however it seriously affects the psychological state of a patient resulting in low self esteem, depression and loss of sexual attractiveness. Men start to feel frustrated and usage of some masking means (cosmetic products or wigs) just worsening the mental state. There are no cases, known to moder medicine, that patients with male pattern baldness develop suicidal behavior, however depression is a common consequence of losing hair and being unable to prevent the condition.

Fortunately, the leading pharmaceutical company Merck, has conducted a half a billion dollar research of finasteride and has found out its surprising side effect. First, this medication was developed to treat enlarged prostate gland in men, but over 78% of men, treated with cheap Propecia (the brand name of Finasteride) started to grow hair. The research discovered that a minimum dosage of Finasteride (1mg) given to men with male pattern baldness, induced hair growth in men. After studies the Merck marketed the drug under the brand name Propecia. Today over 400 000 men in USA only get prescriptions to buy Propeia for treatment of hair loss. Now it is your turn to stop losing hair and to grow air again.

What is Propecia

Human body is regulated by hormones. The key male hormone is testostrone and its derivative dihydrotestosterone. Both hormones regulate male sexual characters as sexual power, hair on the body, bodily constitution and others. At the age of 27-33 the production of natural testosterone drops and men start experiencing some problems. Over 31% of men start depositing extra fat in the tissues and lose constitution, over 27% of men experience sexual disorders which can be weal erection, impotency or inability to hold erection long enough. Over 50% of men experience hair loss.

The production of testosterone and its derivatives is hard to foresee. Even in the healthy male body the levels of testosterone may drop sufficiently with no evident reasons. One of the reasons is genetics. Men with early male pattern baldness in the family profile are in the risk group.

Hair follicles on the male pattern are sensitive to DHT. High levels of DHT make the follicles on the temples and the scalp vertex shrink and stop producing hair. Besides, the follicles and the pores of the scalp become too weak to hold the existing hair. Thus men lose hair and theĀ  follicles die under the action of increased DHT levels. Remarkably that the same hormone stimulates hair growth all over the body and on the face. Besides hair follicles on other parts of scalp (apart from temples and vertex) are resistant to the action of high levels of DHT.

Unfortunately, if the body lowers the production of testosterone on its own without evident reasons as diseases, hormonal treatments affecting testosterone levels and others, the symptoms will be permanent. This means that without additional dosages of hormones of hormone production inducing medications the symptoms will be present. Thus if you buy Propecia online and take the treatment you will grow hair on male pattern again. But the effect will be evident only during treatment and a while after medication withdrawal. To enjoy continuous effect, you will need to take cheap Propecia regularly.

Propecia is an alpha-5-reductase inhibitor. The clinical trials have shown successful recovery of conditions induced with high DHT levels in the male body. Its active ingredient is Finasteride, which reduces the concentration of DHT in the body and performs remarkable effect on male pattern baldness. Daily intake of Propecia reduces the concentration of DHT by 65%. The first signs of effectiveness of the medication appear after a month of regular treatment. This is an average period for a follicle to wake up and to produce a new hair. In two months the effect becomes visible and in a three month treatment period the patients recover up to 70% of lost hair.

Propecia is a potent stimulant to grow hair for men experiencing male pattern baldness. But it is a rather serious medication which presents certain risks for male health. Though you can get Propecia over the counter, still you should understand potential hazards for your hair.

Do I need Propecia?

Men are known alarmists. They do care about their look even more than women. They starve to be manly, strong and sexually active. Losing hair is a normal condition. Every hair grows for about an inch every two month. After it reaches its maximum length it stops growing for a short period of time and then falls out. It is a norm for human body to renew and regenerate tissues. The same case is with hair. Hair gets renewed and regenerated. For a complete cycle of head hairĀ  regeneration over 3 years is necessary. This proves that human body loses hair every day. Losing hair is normal. There are some risk factors that induce hair loss. Among them as physical so mental reasons as well as internal (conditions in your body) and external (conditions of the environment) factors. Internal body factors are:

  • mental and physical stress
  • poor diet
  • hormonal imbalance
  • genetics
  • age
  • various diseases which cause malabsorption of nutrients from the food, skin diseases resulting in extreme skin dryness
  • traumas

External factors inducing hair loss are:

  • poor ecology
  • poor hair care
  • personal hair hygiene negligence
  • overuse of styling products

First, to decide whether you need to buy Propecia online, you should exclude all possible external factors. Analyze your hair care by answering the questions:

How do you wash your hair? Do you use specific shampoos?

How often do you wash your hair?

Do you use styling products and how often? Do you dye your hair? How often?

Do you know your hair type? Do you use specific treatment designed for your air type?

It is a common misbelief that male hair does not need proper care and treatment. Following this misbelief you will result in severe hair loss by the age of 35. If you can not answer the questions, then try to change your daily hair care. You hair will not need a long time to respond to the changes. As a rule, if the cause of hair loss is in poor hair care, then you will stop losing hair in a week. Visit trichologist to get proper products prescribed which will ideally fit your hair type.

The next step to undertake is to exclude all inner factors that can cause temporary hair loss. To do so you need to analyze your nutrition and lifestyle:

How many hours you sleep at night?

How many hours you work per week?

Do you experience mental stresses often?

Is your nutrition balanced?

Do you have some chronic diseases of your kidneys, liver, stomach or intestines? Liver and kidneys are powerful filters of the body. By functioning poorly, they may leave to many toxins in the body which may result in its turn in hair loss.

Do you lose hair all over your head or only on male pattern?

Have you experienced problems with digestion recently?

Have you experienced some potent toxic attacks recently?

Answering these questions will help you to understand whether some conditions in your body may cause hair loss. If you have diseases which result in hair loss, then you should visit your health care provider to get the treatment for the reason of hair loss. Ask you doctor a question whether you need Propecia or not. Your doctor will explain how to take the medication, how to get Propecia online and what possible side effects may appear. Ask you doctor about potential risks for your health as Propecia may affect your sexual ability which will last even after withdrawal of the medication.

What doctor should I visit to get male pattern baldness diagnosed?

First of all you need to see your family doctor who is familiar with your health profile and knows about all chronic diseases and possible allergic reactions in your body. Your doctor will prescribe you tests to find out the levels of testosterone and DHT to know for sure whether the reason of male pattern baldness is in hormonal balance.

Second, you should visit next medical experts:

  • gastroenterologist to check your stomach and intestines
  • nephrologist who will check the function of kidneys
  • hepatologist who will test your liver and will make tests of blood
  • trichologist who will test your skin and hair
  • dermatologist who will exclude skid diseases which may result in hair loss

Yes, it is a long list of doctors and a long time to get completely examined and checked before you buy Finasteride. However the medication is not innocent. If your air loss is determined by factors other than hormones and high DT levels then you do not need Propecia or Finasteride as the condition may be stopped and cured without hormonal medications. The next section of our review of cheap Propecia is about its side effects and potential risks for the male health.

Side effects and potential risks of Propecia

Finasteride online sources warn the patients that Propecia is a powerful medication which should not be taken without prescription. We will tell you more. You should not take Propecia even if you doctor has prescribed it to you but without proper testing. You should understand that a single pill of Propecia contains an active ingredient which decreases the level of vital DHT by 65%.

DHT badly affects hair follicles on the temples and vertex of the scalp, however it is a vital substance for other male functions of the body. In most cases male patients are bothered with sexual ability to develop erection. Low DHT levels result in weak erection or complete disability to develop erection. This is surely a temporary condition which will persist for a while after you withdraw Propecia. Up to 87% of patients who have taken finasteride get completely recovered. As studies have shown only 7% of men develop sexual disability during the treatment with cheap Propecia. Placebo studies have shown that over 3,4% of patients develop sexual disability. This proves that sexual dysfunction depends more on the psychological state of a patient rather than on the pills of Propecia.

Besides, Propecia comes on the market in the lowest dosage possible. During clinical studies the experts have established that the lowest dosage which is effective to grow hair is 1mg. This dosage is insufficient to change the level of hormones considerably and to present sexual disability. That is why you should never exceed a prescribed or recommended dosage for you.

Sexual disability is not the only potential risk for the male health.

Apart from weak erection or complete absence of the erection patients report:

  • decreased libido
  • ejaculation disorders

The biggest trouble of taking Propecia and its side effects is that you can not take any medications correcting erectile and ejaculatory function while you take cheap Propecia as sexual drugs may sufficiently decrease the efficiency of Propecia or boost its effect resulting in severe adverse reactions of the body.

Among other side effects related to taking Propecia there are:

  • allergic reactions of the skin which are redness, rash, itching, swelling of lips
  • breast tenderness may as well appear during the course of treatment. This condition should be tracked and monitored as the risk of gynecomastia is big
  • depression and other mental disorders. In rare cases patients report aggressiveness, sleeping disorders and extreme sensitivity
  • poor quality of semen. If you are going to get your woman pregnant you should discuss the case with your doctor as Propecia reduces the quantity of semen as well as it affects the quality and viability of every semen cell, its mobility and ability to fertilize a female egg
  • pain in testicles
  • male breast cancer (very rare). Only the patients who violate the dosages and take Propecia carelessly are in the group of potential risk to develop breast cancer. Breast tenderness is the first token of changes in the male breast tissues that can lead to the development of breast cancer in men.

You should understand that you can buy Finasteride online to ensure getting original drug at the best price and see your doctor to discuss potential risks and side effects. However nothing can guarantee that you will not experience adverse reactions.

How to minimize the risks with cheap Propecia

Though nobody can guarantee that you will not perform side effects while taking Propecia, but you can do your best to minimize the risks sufficiently. First, before you buy Propecia cheap pills you should visit your doctor and get examined. Do not neglect any test which can assure that you lose hair due to only high DHT levels.

Buy cheap Propecia only from authorized sellers. You can find numerous websites offering Propecia at the best price, however the risk is very high that you will get a fake drug on the web. Fake pills boost the risks of developing side effects. Fake drugs may not have this active ingredient (Finasteride) or may contain its analogue which effectiveness and safety for your health are doubtful.

Besides, fake drugs containing the necessary active ingredient may be poorly balanced in dosages. As cheap Propecia affects the hormonal balance of the body, improper dosages may result in severe hormonal shift which will affect other vital systems of the body and finally may result in death of the patient. Moreover fake drugs increase the risks of developing side effects and allergic reactions.

To distinguish original cheap Propecia you should find out which is the average offline and online price of the drug. Websites selling fake drugs commonly offer extremely low prices and tempting deals.

Another factor to consider is information given about the drug. Fake drug sellers commonly inform patients only about super effects of the drug and do not provide information about risks and side effects. Their goal is to sell the drug and get profit, while authorized online stores just want to help a patient to cure the problem.

The third factor to consider is the reviews of the users. If most of the reviews and feedbacks on the website are positive, then risks are high that these reviews are fake and you should not trust this seller.

After you buy cheap Propecia on the authorized website you should start taking it. To secure your treatment with Propecia and to avoid possible reactions and interactions you should discuss with your doctor next points:

  • drugs which may interact with Propecia. Tell your doctor which drugs you take and how often you take the drugs. Do not forget to mention herbs and teas you can take and even topical treatments as these may also contain steroids and hormones which will interact with Propecia and cause unwanted reactions in the body
  • diseases and chronic conditions in your body

Propecia is a powerful and serious medication which should be taken only as your doctor has prescribed to you. The list of indications of Propecia says you should take only one pill per day with a full glass of water. Do not split or crash the pill as this may result in lowering of the dosage of Propecia. Besides it will challenge the members of your family as Propecia is of great danger in children and women and poses potential risks for pregnant women as it may perform mutations of the unborn baby.

You have already understood that you should buy cheap Propecia only from authorized websites as well as get examined. To avoid possible risks you should take Propecia carefully. And he last but not the least rule to minimize the risks of side effects and potential dangers for your health is watching your conditions and getting regularly examined.

Propecia is recommended for at least three months to grow hair and to notice effect. However during these three months you should not just take the drug. We strongly recommend seeing your doctor every month and getting all necessary clinical tests done to assure your conditions are normal.

Be watchful and track your health cautiously. If you notice some changes in your body, report them immediately to your doctor. Some of the conditions are considered to be a norm as pain in testicles which is determined by lower levels of hormone due Propecia treatment. However breast tenderness is a reason to withdraw the medication as this may transform in gynecomastia and male breast cancer.

Visiting your doctor during the Propecia treatment will help you to better manage the course and to get prescriptions for the next courses.

How should I repeat Propecia courses?

If you tolerate Propecia well you can take it regularly, for example every 6 months. You take the medication for three months and make a break of 3 months. Unfortunately, your hair will fall out again right after your DT level will rise again. Do not think, that it will happen rapidly. You will notice gradual hair loss. To support your hair growing you will need to take Propecia regularly. The frequency of courses will depend only on the response of your body to the treatment and the period during which the result after Propecia course will seize.

You will need to discuss the frequency of courses with your doctor. Never start the course without seeing your doctor and getting clinical tests done.

Cheap Propecia online is the best solution to treat male pattern baldness caused by age, genetics factors and hormonal imbalance. Try Propecia and enjoy your air growing again. This is the only approved and effective medication to grow hair in men.